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Nashville Ink features:
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• Artists specialized in a variety of styles
• The largest selection of body jewelry in Nashville
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hummingbird tattoo
"I Love My New Tattoo! My new birdy it’s so pretty the best i ever had thanks 🙂"Sam
mythology tattoo
"The Best Tattoo Artist in Nashville! I wanted an artist who would really listen to what I wanted, Rose designed something I will cherish all of my life. Thank you so much!"Roni
biomech tattoo
"My Arm, my whole sleeve Rose Has been doing my whole sleeve and he is a freakin genius. He has done some of the best portraits I Have Seen. And hIs colors pop. Almost looks like it is Coming at you…You for sure should GO HERE for a great tattoo!"Mark
"I had a great experience with Austin. He covered a scar on my left hip with a beautiful butterfly that incorporated my heart and soul (my kids) into it as well."Katie
"Very professional, clean, and friendly shop to get a tattoo. Would recommend to anyone in the area to go there! Rob does great work."Wayne
"This is the ONLY tattoo parlor I will go to from now on! My tattoos are beautiful! I look forward to getting more! Excellent staff and awesome environment."Jenniffer
"Went in with a friend around Twelve Thirty and found the wonderful Austin and Rob working. They were friendly and very specific to get our tattoos just how we wanted them. I would defiantly recommend the place and am extremely happy with my tattoos."Bonnie
"Super clean place, awesome staff, incredible service. Will recommend you guys to everyone in the area."Scott
"Good people and good vibes!"Matthew
"They got us in and out quickly on a weeknight as walk-ins about an hour before close. Very professional. Awesome tattoos. We will definitely be back!! Thanks!!!"Jaime
"I love the friendly artist. The artistic styles are amazing. I’ve been twice and I will continue going to Nashville Ink for all my art work."Bleu
"We were four walk ins and only two of us knew what we want but the guys were fantastic!!! They got us all exactly what we wanted and did an amazing job with the tattoos!!!"Andrea
"All of my best tattoos have come from Nashville Ink! You can tell their artists love what they do and actually care about giving you a tattoo you love and envisioned. I always recommend them to my friends!💕💕"Nina
"Recommended by a friend for my tragus and rook piercing and I fell in love!!! The people there are so nice and friendly and they really make you feel comfortable while you’re getting your piercings."Lexi
"Staff is excellent and very talented. Will be going back for another season soon."Ronald
"Husband and I are tattoo-addicted. My family is new to the Nashville area, and my husband and I are tattoo-addicted…when we were ready to commemorate our arrival in TN, we found Nashville Ink by asking others where the best place to go was. Dennis was AWESOME! He was fast and professional. The prices were beyond fair..( b/c of this, we will be in ASAP for more:) ) His work was excellent and I am thrilled with the work he did…so is Hubby! I would recommend Nashville Ink to ANYONE looking for a tattoo/piercing shop…It is friendly and clean…always friendly. Don’t let others fool you…this IS THE BEST place to go!"New To Nashville
"Came in with an idea and the artist turned it into a beautiful piece I will love forever."Emily
"Nashville Ink A Wonderful Experience Nashville Ink did my lip piercing and I LOVE IT! “Rose” did my piercing & I was extremely pleased! He was entirely wonderful & professional. The building was extremely clean & I am confident I will return for any other piercings. They are great too with any help with maintenance/care of the piercing. I had to go back the same day I had it done, because I loosened the piercing (because I couldn’t stop touching it ha) and they actually REPLACED the ball I lost—-free of charge! That is excellent customer service. I’ve called them to ask questions as well & they were so friendly to help me make sure I was “doing the right thing” as far as cleaning it….etc. you will be satisfied 🙂"Rachel
"I Recommend Anyone to Come to this Tattoo Shop I was wanting this particular tattoo and I wanted someone really good. A friend of mine told me about Nashville Ink and I was like ok cool. So we all came in and got us each a tattoo….The service was excellent the place was CLEAN and very comfortable setting. The artists did a great job and I will always come back here."Sarah
"Extremely Pleased with my New Tattoo The Rose did an amazing job on my tattoo. It was even better than I expected. I am so happy with it. Absolutely beautiful. He is also a very nice guy and I felt very comfortable with him. I will definitely return to him for future tattoos and recommend him to my friends."Kirk Marstar


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